Globalisation kwehct neter sell ni khiter in se : in id XIXt secule, id invention ios clipper ed id sehnken ios cost ios transport hieb leusihn Russia ids rol os werdel os Europe bet ia hiebeer permiss ad America brunges tod manna; in ia 1980tias, globalisation hat beghsorbatihn pau qualifiet occidental orbaters bet id hat permiss ad centens om tusents Asiaten salge paupertat. Ne tant-ye de globalisation biht debaten sontern de kam id biht duct oppont globalistens ed alterglobalistens.

Pro preters, globalisation est definiht kam id unification ios mund quod se siet transforme do un "global village". Sekwent i, id absence barrieren permitt ad cada ghehldihes els vantages dank tod enspehrden. Dehnd-ye perodh id interpenetration iom cultures, iom technologias ed iom [[[economia]]s quod permittiet garantie tienxia pace, ids partisans advoquent meis ghyanen. Dayir id dominant conception iom amtirend maghs, wehkwsa kam tienxia culture au civilisation, tienxia gouvernance, tienxia economia, ed hatta tienxia civ bihnt stets meis nuden.

Pro alters, kam id globalisation biht ducto skeipt id surce iom tienxia biedas : neiht do id dereglamentation iom national economias, ei exageren liberalisation iom exchangen, ei hegemonia iom mier multinational entreprisen, ei emergence uns wahid cultural standard. In ia industrie lands, globalisation est assocyen uni augen os insecuritat, ibs offshorings, ad social nasukia, ad immigration, ad climatchange. Dehnd-ye perodh un proschgumt os cooperation inter ia folks anter quem os enspehrden, id alterglobaliste movment est lakin baygh heterogene : ia widta stands leite ex reformisme do rupture in id fall im "no global" alterglobalisten. Bet id movment hat lakin kamyapto deuysihes in 1997 id signature ios Multilateral Investionen Playct elaboren eni id quader ios OECA : tod playct previs besonters od un entreprise habiet poiss budes ad sarcens un Stat sei tod habiet permiden kay balahnes id rentabilitat os ids direct investion ep sien territorium. Ia radicalisations ios alterglobaliste movment hant ducen ad meg violent demonstrations in 1999 in Seattle ed in 2001 unte id G8 Sommett in Genua. Bet, id antslehnken internationalen netwehrgen (social foren) hat yaschi permitten panges synergias inter antslehnkend lands ed certaina NGOs (Oxfam, Attac...).

Oss 117 - Bill dans sa meilleure forme D (2)

Oss 117 - Bill dans sa meilleure forme D (2)

Kyoin cultural standard ?Edit

Id baysa ios americanisation au ios sinisation ios mund resultet ex id standardisation quod id globalisation trendt induce. Id besweurght tant quem id seduct : ia sam marks, ia sam films, ia sam concerts bihnt proposen ed kaupen ep vasya continents. Ob id suprematia om US culture ed products, globalisation hat bihn synonym os americanisation ios mund ed hat wohst contestet. Nuntos, id baysa ios "made in the PRC" wardht : China, akster-ye buden ab vasya lands betyeicskwnd-se po stets niter costa hat biht in id druna iom yars id mandover tank ios mund ed ids "camra". Bet, alnos ignoranto de id concept os consummersecuritat, id se hat illustren per grave episodes dangereusen products ed os contrafacen besonters in ia khassiat ed pharmaceutic xeimens. Also, sekwent id Mundial Organisation iom Doans, "ex ia 2 millions contrafacten khassiat products ardhten tienxia in 2006, inter 16 ed 20% gwohm ex China". Ta data besweurghe dar meis ob ia contrafacens daughient ka finance ia netwehrgs os organisen crime, tod wassila os falskasten om murdar denars obkwehkend minter riskeus quem ia banken au fawngdiaschau moinsa.

HQ Music Video - On the Turning Away (Pink Floyd)

HQ Music Video - On the Turning Away (Pink Floyd)

Id limitation os leurtorg ?Edit

Id limitation os leurtorg est neid irrealiste hypothese. Id Habana Charta, signet in 1948 bet ne ratifiet neghi esend kafi liberal, pag it sem diemen inter commerce ed employ; id ischbiet id dastur ios payghentula in ia commercial relations iom Stats; id autorisit quantitative restrictions, id promovit prabh orbatsnormes; id permiss controle gospoti investions; id bad acceptit special regimes pro basic, besonters khassiat products. Idghi tyehgven tos Charta ye id brungos iom GATT, dind MTO playcts buit placet sub id signe os economic liberalism, porgend-pet un gohder cheus ed niter prisa ad consummers ed sammel stimulend economic crosct ed amdani augen.

Tod baygh liberal cheus biht taiper renquestiont ed alterglobalistes excludskwient ex ia MTO negociations education, sanitat, social services, culture, tem quem agriculture kay garantie khassiat souverainitat ed securitat. Sekwent i, globalisation khact tyehce appliend-ye ia commerce loys ad ambient, culture ed social rects. Radicaler-ye, sems tawsient deglobalisation sekwent id concept forget ab iom philippin economiste Walden Bello in-kap ia dwo-tusents. Kneigvend ep id prabhil os local souverainitat, leit de favorise swocentret antslehnken ed un importsubstitution siyassa, eti desmantel ia international economic associations.

Id future os alterglobalismeEdit

Reuls dayir globalisationo neti mobilise id international public opinion kam in ia 1990tias. Lakin, certain themes attrage id attention ios meger public kam id management ios Internet, object uns international sommett organiset in Brasilu in Jun 2014.

De ia leurtorgs playcts, tod signet in Bali dien 7 December 2013 eni id MTO skeipt minter quem 10% ios programme lancet in Doha : ids non-signature habiet renquestiont idpet existence ios organisation pos ids repeteihneuta deuysens pon 1995. Id playcto comprindt un homologhia de reduce subventions ad agrent exports, un crisct exemption ud tolls ad products ex ia minst antslehnkus lands (MAL) ad un reductionsprogramme os bureaucratia ye grances. Meg importanter, bilaterala leurtorg playcts sollient meis protiedare attention. Ulter tod conclus inter China ed Island in Aprile 2013 au inter id Europay Union ed Canada in October 2013, id ghyanen secreten negociations in Jul 2013 bezielt id conclusion uns transatlantic torg ed investion partnerplayct (TTIP) inter id Europay Union ed ia Uniet Stats os America. Bayeiht ob kwehct propones un novo version ios multilateralios playctios de investion quod hieb ja est object uns violent reject unte sien divulgation in 1998. Eti, id augen iom public dulgs hat duct OECA-Stats ad relance id jidal contra fiscal paradaysa. Prest, concret ed multilateral meids hant it gwohmto do luce unte id G8 in Nord Erin os Jun 2013.