Taywan, official-ye Respublic China (Pinyin : Zhōnghuá Mínguó) est un Stat in Downgjien, quos territorium ye 99% consist id Insule Taywan ed plur, pleist-ye nieber micri insules (Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, Dongsha ed, in ia Spratly-Insules, Tayping Dao). Id Respublic China hieb in 2013 un population om circum 23,3 millions weikern.

Id citado Taypeh (wa "Taypei", Pinyin : Táiběi Shì) est id nagor ios land, samt 2 684 567 weikers in November 2013. Id Respublic China est pon id uperwaldhen ios dictature in ia 1990tias un democratia; el President ed i members ios Oin-Chamber Parlament sont kyust med leur, prabh ed secret elections. Ka communications- ed official bahsa daught Chinese Mandarin, ed id majoritat ios population Taywans baht eti Taywanese. Id Nov Taywan Dollar est rawaj tos land.

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Bo Chinas, yani id Respublic China (ex-Formosa) ed id Popules Respublic China mutalbe, ieter in sien constitution, id exclusive legitimitat irs gouvernement. Esdi, ab ia 1990tias, Taywan hat, in praxis, tyohgven tod logos, ia relations remane tens. In 2005, id Chinese Parlament hat widen un "anti-secession" leg autorisend silahneud agar Taywan declariet sien independence. Ayndo Taywan un rebell province id eiskwt recupere ye corter au longer termin, China impont eti rumpes au reduce sien diplomatic relations con Taywan kay panges relations con id. Peking hieb also budt in 1984 oik europay gouvernements ke suspens ir consular services in Taypeh. Id Iser Seddos dehlcsiet tyehgve sien stehmen dia Taywan kay se winoye con id Popules China sei tod acceptiet slembhes sien ideologic control. Ye id megil satisfaction os Peking, Taywans UNO-candidature biht stets reject bi-sabab id Popules Respublic China est id "saulo legal representation Chinas" pon 1971. Id adhesion eiskwen hieb lakin esen kwohrn ye id prest ker in 2007 samt id nam "Taywan". Yed i Chineses ne hant kamyaben dostringes ir plan os re-unification in oct points mohlden in 1995 : i Taywaneses hieb anact un "contraproject" ed biht faungmoent ab US President Clinton, provoquend tun Chinese force demonstrations ed missil tests.

Po 2008, id amtirend magh in Taywan est ryowkhowo dia un rapprochement con id Popules China. Reelect in 2011, Ma Ying-Jeou ios Guomindang Partise hat also possiblihn id signature uns quaderplayct os economic cooperation in Jun 2010 previdend preferential tolls.